Social Networking Tips for Non Profits

Social Networking Tips

Social networking has become a tool for individuals, groups, organizations and corporations to easily get their message to the masses without having to spend much money on advertising. Nonprofit organizations may not have the available funds for the extensive advertising and awareness campaigns that some large corporations involve themselves in. It is important for every nonprofit organization to have a presence online in the social media realm, and the benefits of doing so are numerous.

Getting Started

Now that your website is online and your non profit fundraising applications are in place, it’s time to reach out to your social network. A nonprofit organization cannot benefit from social media until they start their own pages. On most social media sites the creator of a page can have their name incorporated into the URL of their page. The organization should also start creating back links between their pages. Their main website should have a link to their Facebook and Twitter, and vice versa. This allows people on any site to seek even further information on the others.

Gaining New Supporters

Social media is the easiest way to garner new support for a nonprofit organization. Most social media websites allow a person’s friends to see what groups they are a part of. In fact there are often even real time updates that people can see as they occur, so if one person “Likes” or joins a nonprofit’s page, the list of people that will take notice could number in the thousands.

Nonprofits can even use their current followers to gain additional followers. Having contests where something as meager as a free t-shirt is offered as a prize can bring in new fans. Offering to enter everyone who shares the nonprofit’s social media page into a contest whose prize is free products can gain thousands of new followers in a day. The larger the presence a nonprofit has on these social media sites the higher their page will come up in search engine results, so gaining followers is essential.

Keeping Current Supporters

Social media also does wonders in maintaining current supporters and keeping them up to date. A regularly updated page will keep everyone in the loop about current events having to do with the nonprofit. Having a forum in which supporters can voice their opinion will also increase loyalty from supporters. If they feel that they have a voice in the organization, they will take pride in it. Replying to a specific post can even excite the fan who posted it, and an excited fan is one of the best advertisements any organization can have.

Letting Supporters do the Legwork

Supporters will not be able to do all of a nonprofit’s work, but they can do some very easily. Passionate supporters will likely repost or share any important update, message, or event that may be coming up. If only one supporter reposts something then that could lead to thousands of other people seeing it.

Grassroots movements can also be easily started via social media. A nonprofit announcing an event and asking their followers to spread the word is the quickest way to get something meaningful going. The revolution most often referred to as the “Arab Spring” has been largely attributed to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Users are able to announce gatherings, garner support, and come together using these pages. If social media can cause governmental shifts in an entire region of the world, they should have no problem properly promoting a movement.

Social media has revolutionized the nonprofit sector. Gone are the days when getting a message out meant printing out thousands of flyers and just hoping the right people saw them. Nonprofits can now get their message out to literally millions of people in an almost instantaneous fashion. cdtechnical-logo-sm Maintaining a social media presence on the internet has become one of the best ways to make and keep supporters of the cause.