Short Run CD Duplication Explained

CD Technical has been involved in the CD and DVD replication and manufacturing industry since 1999 and in their fourteen years in business, they have grown to a medium sized company, which has more than 100 full time staff members. CD Technical offers the services of short run CD duplication and this is used bysoftware developers and content producers that are looking for top quality services in CD duplication. A short run CD is generally requested as a one-time service and the contents of the CD are used for presentational purposes and for the launch of computer software, and the short run CD will allow the users limited access to the software. However, in addition to being able to duplicate a short run CD, CD Technical is able to provide a wide range of diverse services that are used predominantly by video production studios, record labels, recording studios as well as self-publishing artists who are always seeking methods that will allow them to produce expert record labels in a bid to allow their work to gain recognition in the world of entertainment and music.

Due to the high demand for the short run CD, and the demand for our DVD and CD manufacturing abilities, our production plant is operational around the clock and as such, we provide one of the best turnaround times in the industry. In addition, CD Technical can nearly always assist with a short run CD duplication rush service and due to our round-the-clock operations, we are always able to meet our client’s deadlines. The short run CD duplication is used mainly by commercial industries that require CD duplications that are used for staff or client presentations, or as the short run CD is used for intermittent training sessions and the clients need only a small number of CDs. Such commercial industries requiring the short run CD includes banks and insurance companies, and these clients often request the short run CD to hand to clients for information purposes.

CD Technical is a cutting-edge disc duplication company, its manufacturing and production plant contains state-of-the-art duplication equipment, as well as automated and manual packaging and depending on the requirements of our clients, graphic design and full graphic art products, a 6-color CD/DVD screen printing and ODME glass mastering. To find out more information about our design services and to view information regarding short run CD duplication, please browse the CD Technical website at Our simple pricing tab which is featured on our website will give online users the chance to launch the pricing calculator which will allow them to obtain an estimate for any of our services. The CD Technical manufacturing plant has been certified by companies which include Sony, Philips and Microsoft and their plan is IRMA compliant. Taking into account CD Technical’s experience, as well as their awarded certifications, for a short run CD, CD Technical is more than able to handle this need.