Sell Music Online: Best Methods to Promote & Distribute

Musicians are masters of creative expression, but they often struggle with the business side of their musical endeavors such as selling music online. The value of music is limited if not being heard by a receptive audience. It is a common myth that legendary musicians achieved their fame and influence by simple virtue of their talent. The reality is much more mundane. Musical icons may not admit it, but they truly do want to make money at their craft. They do not work purely for artistic satisfaction. Musicians who are just starting out do not have to feel guilty about wanting to see profits. It puts them in good company. The simple truth is that the musician who can spend his or her time creating music and make a living doing it, owns the best of both worlds.

Music Production

The first thing a musician needs to do before they can sell music online is get into a studio and record some tracks. Then carefully engineer the sound and choose the finished songs that he feels listeners would most desire to purchase. But be attentive about this though. Fans can resent a musician who tries to sell amateurish sounding music. They may feel that the musician is taking advantage of their support and devotion by not delivering high fidelity recordings. High-quality recordings are more expensive and take more time to produce, but they are valuable investments if one intends to pursue a career in music.

Free Downloads

After the musician has recorded his music, he needs to decide which medium or mediums is most likely to appeal to his fan base. A good first move is to make one or two MP3 files available for free download. It is more important to get people to listen to the music by any means possible than it is to make money back at this point. The download website should require fans to enter their email addresses before they are allowed to download the songs. Fans will share the song files with their friends. Once the song has registered a suitable number of downloads, the musician can start planning a live gig. The date and location of the performance can be emailed to everyone who downloaded the songs.

Sell Music Online with Digital Download Cards

After the performance, the musician should hand out digital download cards to the fans in the audience. The cards will direct the fans to yet another free download that will be available exclusively to the people who attended the show. This will establish a relationship between the musician and his fans. Later on, the musician can start selling download cards for a few dollars. They are much cheaper to manufacture than CDs are, so they can be sold inexpensively and still yield profits. The lure of these limited-edition cards may entice people to attend more live performances.

CDs (compact discs)

Full albums necessitate at least a dozen songs. An artist who does not have enough new material to constitute a whole album can record an EP, or a miniature album of six or eight songs. It is better to release an EP than to stuff a full album full of songs that fans have already purchased. EPs are priced lower than full albums, so fans are more likely to buy them. Another way to encourage fans to purchase the EP is to plan a special live release event or show. The show should be heavily promoted as a release party on social networking sites. An exclusive download card linking to another new song can be sold with the EP at only that performance. It will show loyal fans how much they are appreciated. After the gig, the CDs should be made available in an online store id you want to sell music online.