Online Marketing: If A Picture Says A Thousand Words, Video Says A Million

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet was an entirely different landscape from the high-speed nexus of personal communication that it embodies today. As the price of high-speed connections continues to lower to a point that makes yesterday’s premium internet speeds available for virtually everyone, high-definition video is becoming a major part of the average web surfer’s daily experience. As a online marketer, there are a few good reasons why it’s important to use video as a seamless element of your sales pages in your online marketing efforts.

Better Product Demonstrations

There’s no reason why the same principles that have allowed for television infomercials to be a driving force of product sales for decades can’t be adapted to internet-based advertising. While there’s no question that long-form sales pages that attempt to provoke a positive response from a visitor can be very effective, there simply is no better way to reach out and appeal to a viewer’s senses than with video.

It allows a company engaged in online marketing to frame their product or service within their own context, and allows for users to more quickly find out what they need to know about what the company has to offer them than they possibly could by simply reading articles about it. Watching a short video demonstration about a blender that claims to be able to blend together a smoothie in under eight seconds, for example, has a much more lasting impact than someone reading a customer review about that same product performing that same task.

Improved Branding

The same principles are true of online marketing that were true of door-to-door salesmanship from a previous age. People like to do business with people that they feel are more like themselves, rather than with a nameless, faceless corporation. Video marketing allows for this in a way that traditional web content simply could not. It allows the owners of the business to put a living, breathing person in front of an audience in order to attempt to share something with them that he seems to truly think will benefit their lives in some tangible way.

Additionally, people like to feel like the products that they’re investing their money in have genuinely helped other people before them. Looking up written customer reviews of a company’s product or service is relatively trivial today, and there are a lot of online marketers that are missing opportunities to incorporate testimonials from their most loyal customers into their video media. There’s no reason to force your customers to do their own research before they buy when you can present all of the information they need to them in a video format that’s much more digestible.

More Interactive User Experience

As mentioned before, high-definition internet video is becoming something that a lot of internet users take for granted. As this happens, traditional sites that stick to a text-only means of communicating with their viewership are having an increasingly harder time invoking a positive response, especially when the purpose of the page is to generate an action from the user, such as a sale.

Embedded video that seems to flow seamlessly with the rest of the page around it can make customers feel less like they’re being sold to, and more like they’re being educated, informed or even entertained. That’s the kind of mindset that a modern web site needs to put its visitors into in order to foster a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. Now how will you focus your digital distribution?