Music Marketing 101

You have a hot new single you want to share with the world. If you are not familiar with marketing, you may be wondering just how to get the word out about your music. With a few simple music marketing strategies, you will be able to get your music in the hands of more people and sell-out crowds at your next live event. All it takes is a few tactics to get your name out in the industry. Here are some of the quickest marketing tools you can use for your music:

Online Streaming

Every musician knows that their website is an important marketing tool. This is where you can put your music, clips of concerts and all of the information people need to buy your music. When you want to show people what you can do, adding streaming audio or video to your website is an excellent way of giving them a taste of what you can do. The key to having great video to provide to your fans is to make sure that it is professionally filmed and edited. The video will also need to be converted to the proper format so that streaming is quick and easy for your visitors.

Audio should also be in the proper format to stream on your website. Whether you want to stream a single or your whole album, your fans will be able to have easy access to the songs they want to listen to.

CD Duplication/Replication

CDs are great for selling at concerts and other live events. CDs can be made in small or large quantities for your needs. You will need to have your CDs professional created because some customers may not want to purchase a disc burned on your home computer. A professional CD duplication, or replication process will, not only make a professional disc for you, but it will also include the disc design and professional printing services for your jewel case inserts.

Digital Distribution

We all live in a technologically advanced world. If you are seeing slow CD sales, you may want to provide your customers with an easier way to access your music. Offering digital distribution of your music is a great way to get your music on more smartphones and MP3 players. With the addition of a detailed sales report, you can also figure out which of your songs are more popular, making it easier to choose what songs to sing on stage or use for additional promotional opportunities.


If you are known for your stage concerts, a DVD of a specific concert or clips of a tour may be a great marketing tool for you. After the concert has been filmed, get a professional company to author your DVD with high quality menus, graphics and sound. Musicians will need to have DVDs that offer 5.1 surround sound to best replicate the music experience on your customers’ home entertainment center.

These are just a few of the marketing tools you can use when you want to promote your music and boost your sales. No matter what marketing tools you use, make sure they are professionally created to impress your customer base.