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CD Technical’s Digital Delivery System (DDS) is the best solution for authors looking for worldwide distribution of their books. Whether your book is in print format, e-reader format, CD Audio format, PDF or MP3, our Digital Delivery System will facilitate the sharing and selling of your book(s) online from a custom branded e-store we create and host for you. Starting at just $19.95/month.

A Personalized Web Store for You!

Instead of marketing your books on a site with thousands of your competitors (i.e. Amazon, iTunes, etc), we will build and host your e-store away from your competition. No longer will you lose sales because a mega site like Amazon or iTunes referred your customer to another author and he made the sale instead.

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No Programming Skills Required

We will design, build, host and maintain your book e-store at a surprisingly low fee. We handle credit card transactions and will ship your books and CDs to your customers at no extra charge to you.

What we’ll do for you:

  • Sell Your Printed Books: whether you supply the books or we print on-demand, we can fulfill your book orders.
  • Sell Your eBooks: maximize online sales by adding Kindle, iPad and Nook versions to your e-store.
  • Sell Your Audio Book on CD and MP3: your book in audio format for people who prefer to listen while on the go.
  • Print on Demand: no inventory costs with our print on demand program.
  • Order Taking: using our shopping cart and credit card processing.
  • Fulfillment: we can ship your printed books (and CDs) to any address on Earth at no charge to you, the seller.
  • CD Duplication on Demand: no inventory costs with our duplication on demand program.
  • Download PDF files: great for distributing free documentation.

A Web Store as Unique as Your Books

Branding your e-store will give you an edge over the competition. Selling your books on a mega site like Amazon© or iTunes© where you are hosted side by side with thousands of other authors is becoming less and less acceptable. Why would you allow your hard-earned fans to peruse the works of another author when it was you they came to see? You have carefully and thoughtfully and with considerable effort worked to cultivate an audience and you should be capturing their book purchases without danger of them being siphoned off by competitors on mega reseller sites like Amazon© or iTunes©. Remember, Amazon© and iTunes© won’t promote you and your books – they promote themselves. Only your branded e-store will promote you.

Accounting for Independent Authors

Receive a detailed report of sales activity from your e-store at the end of every day. This report will include not only the products purchased but also complete contact information on each customer e.g. name, address, email and phone. And at the end of the month you will receive a check for total revenue minus monthly fees plus a spreadsheet accounting of all sales activity. Your monthly check from us represents your net profit from your e-store – no further accounting required!

Simple, Easy to Understand Pricing and No Revenue Sharing!

At CD Technical we do not share in your revenue stream. Ours is a fee-based service consisting of one very easy to afford monthly hosting fee plus a small order processing fee. This structure allows you to sell as much product as you can with no hidden fees and no escalating costs. And with our easy to customize merchandising options, you can package your works in every configuration imaginable. Sell your books in print and CD-Audio, by download in e-reader or MP3 formats or by digital download cards and in any combination thereof.

Add other physical merchandise like T-shirts, posters, caps, coffee mugs and etc at no additional charge. You can even sell DVD videos of your live events. Sell your books or give away samples at public events using our digital download cards instead of hauling boxes of books and CDs around. Or sell your book with a free e-reader or MP3 download. Or offer an MP3 download with the purchase of a Book. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Affiliate program

  • Track sales from referral web sites
  • Pay commissions to colleagues who refer customers to you
  • Setup a network of referral web sites

Cash Disbursements

  • Payment from your online sales made directly to you at end of each month
  • Monthly [payment represents your net profit from online sales
  • No further accounting required

Credit Card Processing

  • Use our merchant account (already installed)
  • Saves you time: we handle refunds and credit card disputes for you
  • Saves you money: merchant account is already installed – adds no additional cost

Customer Database Creation

  • Sales and customer information sent to you on a daily basis
  • Use your daily reports to build you own database of customers for further marketing efforts

Daily Sales Reports

  • Sales reports emailed to you automatically at end of each day
  • Can be received as HTML document or attached Excel file
  • Shows name, address, phone and email of buyer
  • Shows product purchased, amount paid including shipping and handling
  • Every sale is date and time stamped

Digital Download Cards

  • Give password access to your e-books and MP3 files for download
  • Cards printed 4/1 from your print-ready art
  • Unique serial numbers created and added
  • Serial numbers linked to 1 or more files and 1 or more downloads, your choice

Discount and Promo Code Program

  • Offer discounts to a customer or group of customers
  • Setup a reseller with wholesale pricing
  • Run a sale for a week or a month
  • Run a sale on selected items, like your latest release

Donations Feature

  • Accept donations to your worthy cause
  • Donors contribute by credit card
  • Donors receive receipt of their donation for their tax records


  • Your customers can purchase your e-Books and Audio books for instant download
  • If a download is interrupted, your customer can restart download until successful
  • PDF files and JPEG files can also be downloaded

Duplication On-Demand

  • We will duplicate and ship your CDs as they are ordered
  • No need to maintain inventory
  • Can be a bare CD or a complete packaged and shrink wrapped retail product

Encode Audio Files

  • We will convert your CD audio files to MP3 for fast download
  • Compression is generally at 192kb/s. You may select a higher or lower bit rate
  • We can convert to high quality WAV files if you prefer

FAQ Help File

  • Online help file that will answer 99% of your customer’s questions


  • Order fulfillment at no charge to you, the seller
  • We ship to every address on Earth
  • Includes packaging and postage
  • Includes tracking

Google Analytics

  • We can install your Google analytics code on your e-store
  • Track visitors to your e-store
  • Determine where visitors come from and where they go
  • Determine where visitors spend their time on your e-store
  • Determine how much time visitors spend and what they look at

Print On-Demand

  • We will print and ship your books as orders are received
  • No need to maintain inventory
  • Paperback books can be of of varying size and page count with full color covers

Sales Activity Reports

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports sent directly to you
  • Includes details of every sales transaction in your e-store
  • Can be received as HTML document or spreadsheet attachment
  • Includes customer name, address, phone and email
  • End of month report reconciles your sales revenue minus our fees
  • Simplifies your e-store accounting

Shopping Cart

  • 100% secure
  • PCI compliant
  • SSL certified


  • Streaming video may be added to your site as an option
  • Videos can be streamed as pay-per-view
  • Videos can be grouped together as a subscription package

Tech Support & Customer Service

  • Unlimited tech support to you by phone or email
  • Unlimited customer service to you by phone or email
  • FAQ file placed on your e-store will answer 99% of customer questions
  • We handle all credit card disputes for you
  • We fix any technical issues usually within 24 hours
  • e-book Conversion – we can convert your manuscript to e-book formats – call for pricing
  • Audio Book Conversion – we can convert your manuscript to an audio book – call for pricing
  • Add Streaming Video – stream video of your live appearances
  • Credit Card Merchant –connect your credit card merchant account (instead of ours) to your e-store
  • e-store Merge – we can merge (iframe) your DDS e-commerce site seamlessly into your existing web site
  • Secure Logins – force secure customer logins to prevent unwanted users from accessing your site
  • Self-Fulfillment – fulfill your book and CD orders yourself instead of using our shipping service
  • Terms of Use – force users to sign and agree to a terms of use contract before entering your site

Authors DDS Pricing
Authors DDS Options

To Get Started Call: (319)-337-4110 Or Email Us

Visit DDS Demo Site:

For more information please contact CD Technical, Inc at (319) 337-4110

What we need from you to get started:

  • Graphics and Text for your DDS site. Typically we can download these from your existing web site without your assistance. But feel free to submit custom text and graphics if desired.
  • Your digital files
  • A signed DDS contract. Contact us and we’ll email you the contract.
  • The setup fee. Send a check or contact us with your credit card.

Production time to build and populate your DDS site is typically 5-7 business days.

Once your site is finished, please review it for accuracy. If additional changes to the site are required, CD Technical will make those changes at no charge. Once the site is complete and your approval received, your monthly hosting plan begins.





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