DVD Replication Services

CD Technical has been offering DVD replication services for more than a decade. Their offices centrally located in Iowa, while their manufacturing facilities are located in the Midwest and West Coast. They provide DVD replication services, along with other services, all over North America. During their more than ten year period of offering DVD replication services, along with other duplication services, this Iowa replication company has successfully reproduced DVDs which contain full length feature films as well as training DVDs and product DVDs that give buyers step-by-step instructions on how to setup as well as utilize products. CD Technical’s manufacturing plant has received accreditation from Sony, Microsoft and Phillips and our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants along with our professional DVD replication services have allowed us to become leaders in the field of replication. Owing to the demand for DVD replication services our facilities in Iowa run throughout the year and we have more than 100 full-time employees in our Iowa, Midwest and West Coast facilities.

Professional DVD Replication Facility

CD Technical can provide clients with simple video streaming to complex navigation that contains static and motion menus, alternate soundtracks, multiple language soundtracks, and widescreen along with many of the common features of a DVD. Forming part of their DVD replication services are the graphic services which are housed in the Iowa offices and the graphic services have been involved in the designing of navigational menus, titles and chapters while our talented, creative teams are more than capable of designing a retail DVD package, if required. The DVD replication services have been used by dozens of companies, not only in Iowa, but all in North American, and the industries that are served by CD Technical range from insurance and banking companies, to record labels, software developers, publishing houses as well as manufacturing companies. With an extensive range of duplication services, CD Technical has been more than able to fulfill the needs of countless companies.

Should you be seeking a company that is able to offer a one-time DVD replication service in Iowa or a company to partner with for multiple run DVD replication services, Iowa-based CD Technical possesses the necessary skill as well as experience to handle any sort of request. We also offer graphic design services, DVD encoding and authoring, CD, DVD and web applications and printing, packing, mailing and distribution-all of which can be used in conjunction with the DVD replication services. Our replication expertise allows us to accept masters on DVD-R replication ready masters or DLT. Feel free to view the CD Technical website for more information regarding our capabilities and discover why we are a leading DVD Replication company – not only in Iowa, but on a countrywide basis.