Distance Education: Is it Time for Me to Sell and Stream My Educational Videos Online?

Online education is arguably the latest and greatest application of the world wide web yet. People all around the world are using streaming educational, informational and instructional videos to improve the quality of their lives, build home based businesses, promote their products and services or prepare themselves for the job market. As employers are looking for specialists that are highly trained in very specific programs and disciplines for example, online education is becoming a necessity.

Below are just a few of the reasons that online education (distance education) is the new trend for upcoming decades and the advantages that you will have if you are an online entrepreneur who is looking to market and sell an online education program.

Distance education is convenient for the professional of today

Today’s busy professional has bills and responsibilities over the long term. He or she does not have the time to quit a day job in order to seek further education. With streaming online education videos, this new professional will be able to learn a topic on his or her schedule. Lectures can be played back and repeated as often as possible. The physical drive, a drain on the emotional and physical resources of professionals, is greatly reduced as the professional can learn virtually anything from the convenience of his or her home.

Educational videos are much more cost efficient

With streaming educational videos, there is an opportunity to spend a great deal less money on outside materials. In a classroom setting, books, paper and other supplies must be purchased, while online education videos are their own textbooks. If it is absolutely essential to purchase outside text for an online class, those books can be placed online as well.

Educational videos give the opportunity for very specific answers

If students have questions about certain aspects of a topic, educational videos can directly address that question without the timed competition of the classroom involved. In online discussions, all questions can be answered instead of just the few that the professor has time for in the hour that class physically takes place.

Educational videos are much less expensive to produce

With only the smallest amount of upfront expenditure, a company can create an entire line of educational videos. It has proven to be one of the highest ROI activities that any company can undertake, even if the final concept of the educational video is not to make money. Many industrial businesses use the online educational video to initiate new workers and indoctrinate them with company policy without having to spend a great deal of money on the labor cost of trainers.

Educational videos can be used over and over again

One of the top aspects of the educational video, or streaming video, is its longevity. Because it does not degrade or lose pages, it can be used over and over again at an absolute minimum of cost. This makes the educational video almost a coup for the small business on a budget that is looking for new revenue streams or simply trying to disseminate training.