Disc Copying

There are a number of reasons why the average business or professional may require the services of a disc duplication company such as CD Technical to copy their CDs or DVDs for them. Once a service only offered to large corporations or production studios, today disc duplication has broad appeal to musicians, film makers and software developers seeking to publish their own work. There are now companies that can take your digital work and mass produce it for you including making it look professional and retail-ready. Disc copying is applicable for a number of different businesses and is not just for authors, banks, financial institutions, and manufacturing facilities who wish to put everything from client starter software to training manuals and videos on CD or DVD for mass distribution.

In cases such as these, a polished look may not matter quite as much as affordable prices and quality service allowing the company to hand out digital materials for low or no cost depending on how they are being used. A disc copying company will not offer only replication of your digital content; it will also offer print options used to give your disc a professional and polished appearance. This affects the front of your CD or DVD, and is usually from a design that you supply to the company. Most companies will offer varying levels of printing options depending on the quality you desire and the price you can afford. You will also be given a choice of packaging that will again affect the appearance of your finished product.

There are two different types of disc copying services – duplication and replication. Duplication is usually quicker and best suited for smaller quantities or emergency needs. Duplication is the most common method used when copying a quantity of discs less than 500. Duplication is the use of a master disc to digitally transfer your information to either CD or DVD. When a disc copying company uses replication methods of copying your data, it is usually because you have a larger quantity discs to be copied. The replication method keeps your costs lower for higher quantities of discs and is a superior manufacturing method over duplication. During this process a glass master is made of your data. From this master your data is then stamped out or replicated on an injection molding machine from crystal polycarbonate. Once this process is done, a disc label will be printed directly onto your CD or DVD on high quality disc presses and packages to your specifications.

The process is a bit longer than duplication but it is more affordable above quantity 500 and produces a superior quality CD or DVD. If you are looking for a company to tackle your disc copying project then look into CD Technical. They offer a full range of CD and DVD copying services as well as printing and packaging at affordable prices. They ship all over North America, Europe and Asia. Their turnaround times are some of the best in the industry giving you a top quality product when you need it and at a price you can afford.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“CD Technical, you are gods… Thanks so much. I really appreciate your seeing this process through in such a clear and deliberate way. I must admit that yesterday I just about to hit a wall and I really appreciate your positive manner and great suggestions for keeping things moving. I know how these things go–they seem calamitous at the moment, and about three weeks later you forget they ever happened. In any case, thanks for your level-headedness and total fairness in the handling of my situation.”
—Betsy Hickok,