Digital Delivery System

Digital Delivery System

Our Digital Delivery Service will facilitate distribution of your audio, video and data files through a custom web page that graphically matches your existing web site. We provide services for:



Sell your music as downloadable MP3 files; through digital download card technology; or on CD from a custom branded website we build and maintain for you. View More


Sell your hard or soft cover books alongside the ever popular eReader formats, Audio CD’s, MP3 Downloads and other formats all from a custom branded website that we create and maintain for you.View More


CD Technical’s Digital Delivery System is the best solution for book publishers looking to provide worldwide access for books in all formats – all from a custom branded web store we create and host for you. Fees are surprisingly low.View More



Sell your videos as downloads; or as pay-per-view events; or as part of a video subscription package; or through our digital download card technology; or on DVDs from a custom branded website we build and host for you.View More


Our system offers a wide variety of marketing options all on a white labeled website making it the perfect solution to get your Audio, Video, Books or Mission statement in front of the largest possible audience.View More

Starting at just:$39.95 per month!


About Our Services:

We will build and host your DDS page on our high speed multi-media servers and provide you with unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage and 100% uptime.

Your DDS site will include: listing of any and all products you wish to sell; preview files; product descriptions; thumbnail images; secure shopping cart; and daily reporting.

This service will facilitate the sharing or selling of your digital products through downloading and streaming and fulfillment of your non-digital products such as CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs etc. Think of it as a hybrid application of YouTube©, iTunes©, Amazon© and CD Baby© but highly personalized for you!

Prevent your hard-earned customers from being siphoned off by ads and links. Instead of marketing your products on a site with thousands of your competitors, we will build and host your personal web store away from your competition.

We will …

  • Host your audio, video and data products on a solitary page, away from your competitors
  • Convert convert your audio and video files directly from your CDs and DVDs into high quality high speed formats maximized for streaming and downloading
  • Upload and manage your audio, video and data files to your site for you
  • Add and subtract audio, video and data files as often as you like based upon your individual marketing
  • Mail you checks or direct deposit money collected from your shopping cart on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Automatically generate and email you activity reports as purchases occur on your site
  • Email you additional activity reports on a weekly and monthly basis

For more information please contact CD Technical, Inc at (319) 337-4110
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