Serving Your Own Video Content Versus Alternative Methods

Posting a video on the Internet for free or for a fee is a great way to share content and generate revenue. You could host your videos yourself, but video-sharing websites offer strong advantages that can’t be overlooked. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages to Self Hosting: Flexibility. Hosting your own videos Read more »

Disc Copying

There are a number of reasons why the average business or professional may require the services of a disc duplication company such as CD Technical to copy their CDs or DVDs for them. Once a service only offered to large corporations or production studios, today disc duplication has broad appeal to musicians, film makers Read more »

Sell Music Online: Best Methods to Promote & Distribute

Musicians are masters of creative expression, but they often struggle with the business side of their musical endeavors such as selling music online. The value of music is limited if not being heard by a receptive audience. It is a common myth that legendary musicians achieved their fame and influence by simple virtue of their Read more »

EBook Publishers Production Options

Developing a marketing strategy before deciding on production details is a prudent first step for any ebook publishers. Technology trends, costs, versatility, shopping habits, customer accessibility and consumer demand dictate the best production options for an ever-shifting marketplace. The choices are many. When considering future consumer trends, there is no denying that E-reader formats offer Read more »

Training Videos: The Benefit of Marketing Online

Video marketing is often under-utilized in business, especially for those that do not have other options for marketing. There are so many advantages to video marketing that any business can find a huge return on their investment. Below are just a few of the advantages that your company can expect by publishing and marketing your Read more »

Content Marketing: It Pays to Have a Plan

Content marketing is a great way to advertise your company’s products or services. As more consumers turn to the Internet to find local businesses, increasing your brand awareness through content marketing is an excellent strategy to use for your company. However, in order to get the most out of your content marketing efforts, you need Read more »

Authors, Sell Books Online!

Writing a book or e-book can be extremely gratifying and potentially lucrative. In order to sell your book and generate income, it’s important to understand how to effectively market it. Luckily, the Internet is the perfect way to bring exposure to your book and get it in the hands of readers all over the world Read more »

Content Delivery: A Superior Business Model

The rise of the internet has drastically transformed the modern market from a system based on the delivery of physical items to one that increasingly is based on the online delivery of digital content. This is a tremendously beneficial option for publishers of all types, drastically reducing their overhead while increasing the potential reach of Read more »