CD Rom Replication

Whether you are trying to get your first big break in the music business, sell a computer game you’ve created, or trying to mass produce training manuals for your employees; depending on the quantity of discs you need, you will want to look into either duplication or the services of a CD Rom Replication firm Read more »

DVD Replication Services

CD Technical has been offering DVD replication services for more than a decade. Their offices centrally located in Iowa, while their manufacturing facilities are located in the Midwest and West Coast. They provide DVD replication services, along with other services, all over North America. During their more than ten year period of offering DVD replication Read more »

CD Duplication in Chicago

So let’s be totally frank here; if you’re hunting for the highest quality CD duplication Chicago service, then you probably have this nagging desire to actually get the job done right; Right? If you knew how to accomplish the CD duplication Chicago task on your own, then you’d probably just do it yourself, but the Read more »

CD Replication in Iowa

Have you ever employed CD replication Iowa services in the past and were greatly disappointed because the team of so-called “professionals” acted less than professional? Well, you’re not alone, because many people just like you have sought CD replication Iowa services for their CD burning and were left wanting. It’s time to satisfy your need Read more »

CD & DVD Packaging

Well, if you have a little taste and a lot of smarts, you’re probably not going to order your CD DVD packaging service from the first person that you see in the yellow pages, right? Oh— well don’t feel bad about it. If you did then you certainly know that when CD DVD packaging Read more »

Short Run CD Duplication Explained

CD Technical has been involved in the CD and DVD replication and manufacturing industry since 1999 and in their fourteen years in business, they have grown to a medium sized company, which has more than 100 full time staff members. CD Technical offers the services of short run CD duplication and this is used by Read more »

Unbeatable CD Duplication Services

There’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to CD duplication services that can be found on the internet. As with any industry, competition is a good thing, because it ensures that the best in the bunch is going to rise to the top. When you begin to do your research online, you Read more »

DVD Replication

DVD replication is now available to the average consumer in order to have DVDs made for any reason. People may want DVDs of home movies to hand out to their family and friends, or companies may need a bulk amount of training DVDs to hand out to their employees. It has never been so affordable Read more »

DVD Packaging

Today, there is an abundance of technology available that allows people to create their own DVDs. There have been huge leaps in this technology which is now available on a consumer level. One can shoot home movies on a digital camera, edit it on their personal computer, then burn it onto a DVD. These methods Read more »

Music Marketing 101

You have a hot new single you want to share with the world. If you are not familiar with marketing, you may be wondering just how to get the word out about your music. With a few simple music marketing strategies, you will be able to get your music in the hands of more people Read more »