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CD Technical’s Digital Delivery System (DDS) is the best solution for book publishers looking for worldwide distribution of their books. Our Digital Delivery System will facilitate the sharing and selling of your digital products with or without physical media i.e. CDs and DVDs.

Personalized Web Store connected to your main site.
We will build and host your web site on our high speed multi-media web servers providing unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth and virtually unlimited storage with guaranteed 100% uptime.

  • Sell Printed Books

  • Sell eBooks (Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.)

  • Sell Audio CDs

  • Sell MP3s

  • Sell PDF files

  • Shopping Cart and Credit Card Processing
  • Digital Download Card Technology included
  • Simple, Easy to Use & 100% Secure
  • Surprisingly Affordable

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For more information please contact CD Technical, Inc at (319) 337-4110

Publishers DDS Pricing for Web
Publishers DDS Options for Web

Each pricing plan includes the following features:

  • PDF Previews
  • Audio Previews
  • Thumbnail Images
  • Text Descriptions
  • Shopping Cart
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Daily & Monthly Reports
  • Customer Database for further marketing
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Password Access to files
  • Fulfillment
  • MP3 Conversion

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For more information please contact CD Technical, Inc at (319) 337-4110

Effortless Digital Distribution:

  • Streaming video
  • Audio and video Downloading
  • Pay-Per-View video
  • Subscription video packages
  • Fulfillment of physical items e.g. CD, DVDs, books etc
  • Preview files (PDF, MP3 and MP4 files)
  • Text and graphic descriptions of your video, audio and data files
  • Thumbnail images
  • Secure e-commerce shopping cart
  • Daily, weekly and monthly activity reports
  • Monthly payments from e-commerce activity
  • Creation and maintenance of customer databases
  • Secure customer logins to prevent unwanted users from accessing your site
  • Encoding, uploading and maintenance of video, audio and data files
  • Digital download card technology
  • Discount and promo code programs
  • Affiliate programs
  • Pop-up terms of use contract that requires signature to enter the site on first visit
  • Google analytics code installed
  • We handle refunds and credit card disputes for you.
  • Unlimited tech support and customer service to you.
  • Every site contains a FAQ file that answers 99% of customer questions.

Easy to Understand Pricing. Unlimited Marketing Options:

At CD Technical we do not take a commission on sales of any of your products. One very easy to afford monthly price allows you to sell as much as you can with no hidden fees. And with our easy to customize grouping options you can package your products in any configuration imaginable. Sell your hard cover book with a free download. Or offer a PDF version of book with each Audio CD. The marketing possibilities are endless. Contact us today to learn more!

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Visit DDS Demo Site:

For more information please contact CD Technical, Inc at (319) 337-4110

Optional Services and Features Available on Your DDS Site:

  • Copy protect your PDF files
  • Use your credit card merchant account
  • Iframe DDS site seamlessly into your existing web site
  • Stream and download files from your web servers
  • Interface fulfillment services to your site
  • Private label DDS for you to act as a reseller


Our DDS site is connected to your primary site. DDS site is standalone by default or can optionally be merged into your primary web site.


Customer enters and views titles, descriptions, prices and thumbnail images. Previews are also available if desired.


Customer places order.


Secure shopping cart processes order and charges customer credit card. Our cart and merchant account are the defaults.


Purchased files are selected for download from our high speed servers.


When a download is initiated, our installer will prompt user to run the install program. Installation is automatic, requiring no further input from the user.




The installer will then:

  • Display an 8 second copyright information screen stating this PDF file is the copyrighted property of your company and is not meant for sharing freely.
  • Search the customer’s computer for an existing library of your books and save the PDF there. If the library does not exist, it will be created.
  • Lock the PDF file to the user’s computer. The program will “remember” indefinitely the computer it was downloaded to. If the PDF file is moved to another computer, it will not open.
  • When installation is complete, the user could be prompted to enter a product serial number to open the PDF file. This feature is an optional and a redundant level of file protection not required to prevent the PDF file from being improperly shared.

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Visit DDS Demo Site:

For more information please contact CD Technical, Inc at (319) 337-4110

What we need from you to get started:

  • Graphics and Text for your DDS site. Typically we can download these from your existing web site without your assistance. But feel free to submit custom text and graphics if desired.
  • Your digital files
  • A signed DDS contract. Contact us and we’ll email you the contract.
  • The setup fee. Send a check or contact us with your credit card.

Production time to build and populate your DDS site is typically 5-7 business days.

Once your site is finished, please review it for accuracy. If additional changes to the site are required, CD Technical will make those changes at no charge. Once the site is complete and your approval received, your monthly hosting plan begins.





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