Nonprofit Online Fundraising Tips

Raising funds as a nonprofit organization is often the leading challenge of successfully reaching goals. While people are willing to donate their time and money, reaching out and attracting them can be a challenge. There are, however, a few techniques that can lead to great results, and nonprofits can use the Internet as a great resource. Here are a few tips Read more »

Learn a Language Online: Exploring the Pros and Cons

For those who dream of walking the streets of Paris, bidding a bright “Bonjour” to those they meet, learning a foreign language can be an exciting way to start along the journey. For many years, would-be language learners had to contend with either traditional classes, which can be quite costly and require a significant time Read more »

Instructional Streaming Videos are Gaining Popularity on the Net

The internet has become the most preferred way of obtaining information. Instructional videos provide people with visual step-by-step instructions to accomplish nearly any task. These videos offer a meaningful way to get guidance that ultimately leads to a job well done.

The benefits of using instructional streaming video includes:

  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Learning at an individual Read more »

I Want to Sell Online But What About Internet Piracy?

Although the Internet swings open wide the doors of visibility and communication between customers and business, the very legitimate threat of internet piracy is enough to dampen the spirits of any content or product producer. Certain types of products, especially intellectual property and software, are especially susceptible to piracy by unscrupulous third parties, which can Read more »

Distance Education: Is it Time for Me to Sell and Stream My Educational Videos Online?

Online education is arguably the latest and greatest application of the world wide web yet. People all around the world are using streaming educational, informational and instructional videos to improve the quality of their lives, build home based businesses, promote their products and services or prepare themselves for the job market. As employers are looking Read more »

Online Marketing: If A Picture Says A Thousand Words, Video Says A Million

It wasn’t that long ago that the internet was an entirely different landscape from the high-speed nexus of personal communication that it embodies today. As the price of high-speed connections continues to lower to a point that makes yesterday’s premium internet speeds available for virtually everyone, high-definition video is becoming a major part of the Read more »

Exploring the Future of Digital Distribution

Digital Distribution

The advent of high-speed Internet technology, coupled with the ongoing development of devices that fuel consumer demand for digital content, has led to a huge shift in how modern content is distributed to the masses. From Amazon to Apple, the technology world has witnessed the creation and resulting success of many online megastores Read more »

Movie Distribution | Should I Distribute My Movie on Blu-ray or Standard Definition DVD?

Movie Distribution

It is always preferable to release a movie in multiple different formats for greatest compatibility, but not all filmmakers and distributors have the budget to make this happen. There are many pros and cons to assess when determining whether to go with a Blu-ray or standard DVD release if you can only produce Read more »

How Come Blu-ray Isn’t More Popular Than It Is?

When Blu-ray was officially released in 2006 it set the standard for home video entertainment. With the highest definition available, Blu-ray was welcomed with open arms by film enthusiasts worldwide. Yet as the years passed sales of Blu-ray never surpassed that of DVD’s as was expected. Instead the Blu-ray stalled and has not seen much Read more »