Artists, Use Your Website to Gain an International Audience

The Internet has truly made the world a global marketplace, but there is still no such thing as an overnight success. Artists still struggle for recognition and the prosperity that comes with it. A website by itself is not enough to propel an artist’s work to the next level. Those who truly want to take full advantage of the digital marketplace must explore other avenues to market their work with their website.

Sell MP3 Downloads Directly from Your Website

There is no need to involve a broker to sell mp3s when there are other ways to sell them directly from your website. The technology is available to encode the audio tracks at a higher quality than mass-digital marketers and include text and graphics with each one. Previews can also be added for each track. Let your fans preview your music, then purchase and download it right away from your website.

Use Digital Download Cards to Promote Your Music

Give away download cards with your website address and a unique code allowing the holder to download a song of your choosing. Selling these is also a good idea since it eliminates the need for using a shopping cart. These allow you to promote your music wherever you are to anyone you meet. It doesn’t matter if you are playing live somewhere or shopping at the mall.

Audio CD or DVD Fulfillment

Utilizing Duplication on Demand technology allows you to sell CDs or DVDs directly from your website.

1. Accept an order for a CD or DVD.
2. Bill a credit card for the order.
3. Duplicate and print the CD or DVD.
4. Package and ship the CD or DVD to any address.

There is no longer any need for brokers to distribute your music or videos and the profits realized from them. Other types of merchandise can also be sold directly from the website as well and then packaged and shipped with the same fulfillment service.

Pay Per View Video Streaming

The PPV system will allow only one viewing within a selected time frame. It is perfect for bands to show concert footage or videos promoting their music. Filmmakers can show their work or just use it as a way to find funding with free trailers. Businesses can deliver seminars or teach lessons with the same technology. Online teachers also could use this to deliver lessons.

Subscription Video Packages

Turn a group of videos into a subscription package and sell them from the website. Businesses and artists of all types can benefit from this technique. This type of video is perfect for instructors no matter what they teach.

Use Digital Download Cards to Promote Your Videos

Give away or sell these cards to promote your videos. Each one will have your website address and a unique password that allows the holder of the card to watch a streaming video on your website or download an mp4 video file. These promotional cards allow you to promote your work anywhere including film festivals or teacher conferences or wherever they will reach the target audience of your videos.